Monday, May 27, 2013

Fast 6

Fast and Furious 6 

Oh my gosh! That movie was sooooo awesome! Really you should go and check it. The action, the story, the actors everything is good. I dont want to tell what is going to happen but I really want to ;-)
Letty is back! thats the only thing that I am going to reveal. My advice: go as fast as you can to that movie cause its going to give you a kick! 

Paul Walker is so handsome, unfair! 
Vin Diesel has the best voice to be on an action movie. When he talks its so serious, almost scarry!
The Rock is killing it!
Ludacris and Tyrese are so funny: the jokes that they make let me laugh during the whole film.
And all the other actors are casted very good. Probs for that movie. They really should win an Oscar.

Go as fast as you can to Fast 6
Tell me what you think about the movie

The girls!

The boys!

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