Friday, May 24, 2013

ARABIC DIVA'S : plastic surgery before and after

Not everyone is a natural beauty. The singers that you will see that made a drastic make over were beautiful. They did not need any fillers or something. Lets see what they did and why

Botox, fillers were the 'answer' for these arabic singers. I think that it wasnt necesarry. Nawal al Zoghbi for example, she was a true beauty in the beginning of her career. Now she is filled with botox and her face expressions arent that beautiful anymore. I liked her a lot more before her plastic surgery. In the arabic world its almost normal that you do plastic surgery to become more famous, more 'beautiful' and more known. Dounia Batma from Arab Idol 1 became number 2 and after that her career was a fact. She was invited to a lot of shows on MBC and became a hot topic in the Arab world... She was a beauty when she started in Arab Idol. But know she became a different person thanks to plastic surgery. Did she needed that plastic surgery for a career? NO. Her career was ok and she was already well known in the music industry. On a episode of Joelle at MBC (even Joelle is plastic, not so fantastic) Dounia did a make-over. Dounia is not herself anymore, she had Moroccan class but now she is just like all the other Middle East singers..

Ahlam al Shamsi is a judge of Arab Idol. Very lovely personality. Every episode of Arab Idol she is very interested in the singers and she sing her heart out with them. Before all her succes she wasn't looking like how she's looking now:


Talented singer Asala Nasri. On the picture you can see that she let her nose done.

Nawal al Zoghbi. SHE WAS A BEAUTY FOR REAL!!!! Why did she even do plastic surgery? Look at her in 1994 singing the song that made her even more famous 'Min habibi ana' ft Wael Kfoury (even Wael did plastic surgery  -_-)


Look at this video to see how beautiful Nawal was before plastic surgery

The biggest transformation is Nancy Ajram. The singer is so different than when she was younger. She looks like a different person! Check out little Nancy


Nancy before and after

Nancy Now

Nancy before and after in a video 

Dounia Batma was a little girl, she is just 22 and because of plastic surgery she looks older and not so pretty. Its sad that in one year she is turned in a plastic doll. Her eyebrows are so not natural now and it looks kinda freaky

Dounia Batma before and after


Sherine Abdelwahab is Egyptian and also made from plastic surgery. Sherine is a judge of the Voice Arab

Arab Stars: Before and After!

Haifa Wahbe


Part 2 Arab singers: No make up on


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Anonymous said...

Your info is great one thing that shocked me is the fact that also a lot of the diva's are changing their skin colour like Michael Jackson from brown to white. Are these people religous??what does the Koran say about plasyic surgery>??