Monday, July 22, 2013

Dounia Batma is engaged

Dounia Batma is engaged

Yes its true! Dounia Batma is engaged. The finalist of Arab Idol season 1 announced that she will be marrying her manager Mohammed Alttork. Mohammed comes from Bahrein and is well known in the entertainment industry. Batma and Altork worked since her lost in Arab Idol. He is very important for her career. Dounia and her fiance told Chaada FM, a Moroccan Radio station about het future plans. 'Even I am 22 years old I am ready to get married' the Moroccan singer says. She also let know that in Mohamed she found her prince. During her work far from her home country Morocco he was there for her.

Dounia Batma in a black dress. Mohammed Alttork is right under with a black shirt.

Historic wedding

'It will be a historic wedding with a lot of celebs' said Batma. The wedding will be in Casablanca, the city where she is from. The exact date is not clear but it will be in January. Mohammed told that he has a lot of suprises for his wife to be.

Stepmother Dounia
Dounias fiance has a daughter out of his first marriage. That will make Dounia a stepmom. She did not yet talked about her stepdaughter to be. Mohammeds daughter named Hala. Hala is a young artist with a Platinum Record deal! Very impressing for such a young girl. With stepmom Dounia she might collaborate..

The lovebirds during their announcement. On the right

Hala, Mohameds daughter

Watch the interview of the lovebirds: Dounia Batma & Mohammed Alttork

Dounia, Mohamed and Hala: a happy family

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