Monday, July 1, 2013


After the big success with part 1: ARAB DIVAS BEFORE PLASTIC SURGERY with over 595 views! Its time for part 2. In this part we can see the Arab divas without make up. I love make up and I use it also and its not bad to wear it. Girls just love it and if its available why not use it? In moderation of course. Lets check out if they are a natural beauty or a total disaster without make up

Nancy Ajram
Nancy is not afraid to show her natural face. The famous singer
posts on Instagram herself photos where she's not wearing make up.
She looks good without make up.

Ahlam al Shamsi
Ahlam  has always make up on! The judge of Arab Idol has a good team that take care of her make up and hair. 

Carmen Suleiman
When this talented girl walked in to the room of Arab Idol for her audition, she was wearing NO make up. At that moment Carmen was just a sixteen year old girl from Egypt. She proved that she did not had to look like a glamorous singer to blow the judges away with her voice. And look at her now: the first winner of Arab Idol 

Dounia Batma
Dounia is now almost a barbie doll. Before her transformations she was a normal looking girl. I can see the different without her make up on

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