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Top 10 Moroccan (fashion) bloggers

Top 10 Moroccan (fashion) bloggers you absolutely need to follow

I do visit a lot of blogs but only a few raise my attention. I can check out one or two pages or either visit the WHOLE blog if I really do like it. I like a blog and come back often visiting it for several reasons. Not because the bloggers have the latest branded outfit, the most expensive clothes or accessories, the most beautiful pictures or best designed blog. It can be simple and still remains in my favorite blogs list. For me, it’s all about identity you create, the way you interact with your readers, how you show your personality throughout an online window.  So let me present you a top 10 fashion & lifestyle Moroccan bloggers you need to follow, enjoy ! 

1)      You Are The Style : The first time I ever came across a fashion related blog made in Morocco was after watching this awesome and moving video of Youssef (known as Joseph) Ouechen taking part on a TedxCasablanca talk. His speech was so inspiring I decided to check out his work and I immediately liked it : wonderful pictures, mainly Moroccan streetstyle ones were all over his blog. Joseph also regularly collaborates with prestigious publications such as New-York Magazine and L’Officiel as a freelance photographer.
2)      Fashion Bakchic : This is, for me the best current Moroccan fashion blog. I find out about Sofia El Arabi’s blog while going through Joseph Ouechen’s work. Her whole blog is an invitation to travel, full of beautiful pictures, she has an awesome and unique style, mixing modern and traditional pieces. She created her own fashion line named “Bakchic” last year sold at Galeries Lafayette Casablanca and now available online, with unique pieces.
3)      Afaf and Marwa : Afaf and Marwa are two Moroccan sisters living in Casablanca sharing with us beauty tips and chic outfits on their common blog. A beautiful adventure which lead them to create their own fashion clothing line, including awesome Mahmoud Darwich t-shirts, white cotton and black quotes written in Arabic which makes them so unique and original, but also wonderful clutches.

4)      Le Guide de la Maghribia Actuelle : The Guide of the ‘Actual’ Maghribiya is a blog run by a real ‘joutiya’ (thrift) addict, she shares with us her lucky finds and is one of the few Moroccan bloggers using videos to make ‘hauls’. She also often posts beauty and make-up reviews.

5)      La Couleur du moment : Sofya is an architecture student sharing her time between France and Morocco, sharing with us amazing outfits she wears on the two banks of the Mediterranean sea.

6)      Mum in Casa : Well, as you guessed this blog is about a woman telling about her life as a mum in Casablanca, it’s more of a lifestyle blog where Siham shares with us toughts on books she read or places she visited.
7)      Ginger Chocolate & Honey  : Well, how can I talk about Moroccan bloggers without mentioning the amazing Lamia from Ginger Chocolate and Honey ? Her blog is a real city guide of Agadir, she knows this beautiful city very well and shares with us the best places and restaurants to visit while we’re here. Checking out her blog is a must if you’re going to visit Agadir !

8)      Hipster Square : Yasmine is  a blogger from Marrakech, a real shopaholic, sharing with her readers some awesome outfits.

9)      According to Hind : In her blog, Hind shares with us “911 tips” such as “5 ways to detox your mind” or “10 ways to be more creative” I find very interesting and useful. She also posts lvogs on Youtube, book reviews or travel videos.

10)   The Closeterie : It’s a common project of both Joseph Ouechen from  You Are The Style & Sofia El Arabi of Fashion Bakchic : they go into Moroccan or people living in Morocco’s interiors discussing their style and what influence them.

That’s all ! Did you know some of these bloggers ? Who is your favorite ?

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