Saturday, October 26, 2013

Dounia Batma @ Rachid Show


Yesterday I saw 'Rachid Show'. Dounia Batma was the guest on the show. Rachid Show is a funny show. Rachid the presenter asks his guests all kind of questions. About fame, love and critisism. So the show started and it was immediately fun to watch. Miss Batma was wearing a black and white dress with Giuseppe Zanotti heels (without heel!). Appearing on a Moroccan show is important for her because some think that she has forgot her original roots. 

Rachid asked her what did change about her since her audition for Arab Idol. He was saying it on a funny way, he wanted to get an answer about her whole transformation. From plastic surgery till money. She laughd and said; 'Yes, my clothes changed'. He tried to talk about her surgery but she denied it by talk about other things. Rachid asked her if she was change from Moroccan girl to famous arab woman that  forgot her roots. Dounia said that she was still the same Dounia but now she has more responsibility. 

Dounia, Mohamed and his daughter Hala
Yes the topic were a lot of people waited for: LOVE!! Rachid congratulated her with her engagement. Dounia seemed happy and was very open about this big thing in her private life. I thought that Mohamed Al Tork was divorced from the mother of his child, Hala... But wait! It turned to be very  different. Mohamed Al Tork is still married, will stay married to Hala's mother and Dounia will be his second wife. 'The Islam gave the oppurtinity to a man to marry four so whats wrong with that' she said to Rachid when he told her that a lot of people did not understand why she was going to marry a MARRIED guy. Rumours has it that Batma want to marry Mohamed for his fame and connections in the music industry. 'Why do you want to marry him' said Rachid. 'He is going to wear traditional Moroccan men clothes at the wedding' she replied. Serious Dounia... Is that THE reason? I dont think so. Her wedding will be in a palace in Morocco. Dounia also met Mohameds first wife and she said that it all was good between them. Dounia is not happy about the issue that Moroccan female are homewreckers. She said that in this case there was nothing like a homewrecker involved. It was a decision of Dounia, Mohamed and his wife. 
Mohamed with wife number 1.

Plastic Surgery
It was maybe the third time that Rachid wanted to start about her plastic surgery and now he was commited to talk about it. He showed a picture of Dounia before and after. Ouch... she was not so spontaneous as before and was thinking. 'Did you get plastic surgery' he asked her. And again she denied it and she even swore. On the first picture you see Dounia when she arrived in Morocco after losing from Carmen on Arab Idol. On the second picture you see Dounia during a tv show long after her participation on Arab Idol. 'Why do you look so different on these two pictures?' asked Rachid. 'Well.. On the first photo I was very tired because I was just coming from the Arab Idol adventure' said Dounia. Yeah sure... 'what happened on the second picture' asked Rachid. 'On that picture I had make up on. Because of the make up my nose looks fixed. I did not do plastic surgery' said Dounia. Nose fixed because of make up? I dont believe that and even Rachid was not convinced about that one. Dounia denied that she fixed her body and face. 

'Do you read posts about you online' asked Rachid. 'No. I am not active on Facebook or other sites I just have Twitter' said Batma. On Facebook there is a person that made an account on her name: Dounia Batma Arab Idol. But thats not her at all! She is mad about all the lies that this person spread everytime he or she post something. Dounia also said that she dont care at all about what people think of her. She said that the hate gives her power to do better. And her true fans are that matter. 

If she had to choose between Dubai and Morocco she would choose with no doubt for Morocco said the finalist of Arab Idol 1. But living thereis better for her career. The studios are near and the connections there are good for her career. Dounia has Moroccan friends in Dubai. She likes to sport, shop and relax with them. She is not homesick at all..

Besides all the questions about her plastic surgery and lover it was a good show. Soon as the episode with Dounia Batma will be available I will post it. Stay tuned and every friday on 2M RACHIDSHOW watch it!

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