Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Celebs in traditional Moroccan wear

Celebs in traditional Moroccan wear
The traditional Moroccan wear: kaftan and takchita is very beauitful. 

Syrian singer Asala Nasri poses in a beautiful takchita. The dress is green, purple with flowers.

Beyonce Knowles poses in a red kaftan. It looks very good on her.

Hillary Clinton from USA was wearing this kaftan during her business trip in Morocco. The woman next to her is the sister of King Mohamed 6.

hillary clinton, moroccan caftan, moroccan kaftan, takchita,djellaba

Kim Kardashian can wear almost anything. With the peace signs Kimberly poses in a beautiful leopard takchita.

On the latest Mawazine Festival Ahlam Al Shamsi was wearing a takchita made by Tony Yaacoub. She always wear Tony's designs. He made this dress for the former Arab Idol judge to perform on Mawazine Festival in Morocco.

On the left photo: Celine Dion wearing a takchita.
On the right photo: Hollywood legend Elizabeth Hurley in a green jellaba. The sfifa is purple, the diva matched her dress with a purple broche.
Moroccan kaftan’s majesty enchants world female celebrities

Nawal al Zoghbi mixed traditional with modern. On Mawazine she was wearing a kaftan with something not so traditional. We all could see her belly button! Still, it was a beautiful kaftan from the substance mo'bra. Its a beautiful substance and you can see it immediately.

Miss big curly hair Myriam Fares was wearing the traditional Moroccan wear to perform in Morocco. The two dresses are amazing.

Samira Said is Moroccan, Sherine is Egyptian. The two singers came together for an exclusive photo shoot. They were wearing traditional Moroccan wear. The photos are beautiful. 



Did you see the episode of Jessica Simpsons tv show The Price of Beauty when she was in Morocco? A must see! After that episode the star was spotted in traditional Moroccan wear.
jessica simpson, moroccan caftan, moroccan kaftan, takchita,djellaba

Diana Haddad in a green Moroccan dress with purple pailettes.
Diana Haddad-moroccan-caftan-moroccan-kaftan-takchita

Haifa Wehbe
haifa wehbe-moroccan-caftan-moroccan-moroccan-caftan-moroccan-kaftan-takchita
haifa wehbe-moroccan-caftan-moroccan-moroccan-caftan-moroccan-kaftan-takchita

Legend Warda Al Jazairia
Warda Al-Jazairia-moroccan-caftan-moroccan-kaftan-takchita
Warda Al-Jazairia--moroccan-caftan-moroccan-kaftan-takchita


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