Friday, September 13, 2013


Hello dolls

Nobody is perfect! Never forget that. Women wear make up to make themself look representive and feel beautiful. Or they use it because they love it. I know why. I also love make up! You dont have to look like a pot of Nutella to wear make up. My reasons to wear it: I love it, it makes me feel better, more representive and its so much fun to put it on! Last week I felt down so I went to the a beauty shop and spoiled myself. It helped cause I was happy again when I walked out of the store with my new beauty products. 

What I bought is the Z-PORE Instant Pore Refiner from the Goodskin Lab.
I have a lot of pores on my nose and I hate it! Foundation or a BB cream is not the solution.
I saw this creme and tried it. It worked immediately. I did not see all the ugly pores. It works for 90 %. The color of this creme is nude. You dont have to put foundation on it. Use this after you use your day cream. 
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Before all the make up and after the good face cleaning I use Day Cream Dr. Brandt  pores no more effect refining cream. It is for oily/ combination skin. It is not cheap but worth it! I love Dr Brandt. products, the masks of the pores no more line are also very good. 
buy it here
pores no more pore effect

My biggest advice: invest in your skin! There is nothing like your skin, your skin deserves the best. I prefer good make up than 400 pairs of shoes.

I recommend this!

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