Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lalla Soukaina is getting married

Lalla Soukaina is gettint married! Lalla who? Lalla Soukaina is the niece of King Mohammed VI of Morocco. Her mother is Lalla Meryem, the sister of King Mohammed VI. Lalla Soukaina Filali is a true beauty. With her green eyes and beautiful hair she is truly one of the most beautiful women of Morocco. We dont see her a lot but when she appears, she looks amazing. Soukaina is now 27 years old and studies journalism and communication in France. She has the beauty and the brains. We are not the only one who noticed that. Mehdi Regragui asked the King Mohammed VI to marry Lalla Soukaina. This happened in March 2013 and now its confirmed. Mehdi Regragui, owner of a computer company will be marrying the oldest daughter of Lella Meryem and Fouad Filali. When and where? We dont know yet.. If you are curious about Mehdi Regragui.. Keep an eye on Arabic Glory

Young Soukaina
On the right in the green takshita

Green eyes, red lips she knows beauty trends 

Mother and daughter; both looking good

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