Sunday, June 2, 2013

Abdelkarim Hamdan; Syrian Star

So sad that you left Arab Idol. Youre not the winner but you are a star with a great voice. Syria is proud of you! Keep  singing and smiling. Bravo Abdelkarim Hamdan

Yesterday Abdelkarim Hamdan left Arab Idol. He did not get enough votes for the next round. After hearing the sad news Abdelkarim was smiling like always. He was in the danger zone with Ziad Khoury (lebanon) and Ahmed Gamal (Egypt). They were nervous and even Ahmed cried a little. They were so close to the final. Sadly Abdelkarim didn't get enough votes and Ziad and Ahmed are still in the competition.

The boys were so nervous!

 The judges reacted sadly and wished him all the luck. Ragheb said that because of the problems in Syria, he didnt get enough votes. But still Syria can be proud of him. He represented his country very good. The only Syrian in the race is Farrah Yousef, after hearing that Abdelkarim left Arab Idol she cried. Now its on here to keep Syria in the race. 

The start of his adventure in Arab Idol

With Farrah Yousef

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