Sunday, June 2, 2013

Arab Idol 31 may and 1 june: WHAT HAPPENED?

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Arab Idol 31 may and 1 june: WHAT HAPPENED?

Again it was amazing. The dresses, the singers, the judges, the songs, everything was GOOD!
Cheb Khaled, King of Rai had the honour to open the show. He sang 'C'est La Vie' from his latest album c'est la vie. With a lot of dancers he was on stage. Nancy Ajram and Ragheb Alama were singing with the King Of Rai. After his performance the judges give Cheb Khaled a shoutout for his career and contribution to the whole music world. Cheb Khaled is an artist on a worldwide stage! Everywhere in the world knows him. I hope that he will sing forever! Ahlam Al Shamsi said something remarkable; she congratulated Cheb Khaled on his new baby boy. In 2012 Khaleds wife Samira give birth to the fourth daughter Jannah and now they have a mini Khaled!

Cheb Khaled c'est la vie on Arab Idol

Good looking Ziad Khoury was the first from the candidates who performed. He sang very good and the judges were happy.
Ziad Khoury 31 May on Arab Idol

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