Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Azama ala azama

Last three candidats of Arab Idol 1.

In 2012 we all saw how Carmen Suleiman won Arab Idol 1. The Moroccan Dounia Batma lost but since that moment she is working hard on her career. Thats also what Yousif Arafat is doing. He was the number three of the first season of Arab Idol. They did a very good job on the show and decided to make a song together. The name is; Azama ala Azama. The song is about all the big singers in the Arab world. We all know Oum Khaltoum and Abdelhalim Hafez but there are so many more.
Azama ala Azama is a tribute to the great people that made the first step in arab music world.

In the clip we see Carmen and Dounia wearing beautiful dresses. Yousif stayed classy in a casual look. I am not soooo impressed by the videoclip but its a great song.

On Arab Idol 2, the three performed this song. No actually not. They were playbacking... Why? I dont know. It was better if they just sang the song. They were the last three of season 1, right?

In the studio

Performing on Arab Idol season 2. Carmen in a simple dress and Dounia in a beautiful dress with golden pailletes. For a family I would not wear the dress so open from the breast like Dounia

Shooting the clip

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