Monday, August 19, 2013

Beyonce and her short hair

Beyonce showed last week her new hair do. It was short and blond. Why the superstar decided to cut her hair is not clear. I prefer her with her long locks because it make her look complete. No one wants to see Beyonce dance with short hair. She stands for feminism and with short hair I think she cant complete that. After a few days since she showed the world her new haircut she was spotted in England with a bob. I prefer her long blond hair. She looks much older with short hair. At the V festival in England mrs. Carter was performing with her new haircut. Lets see the difference:

On her instagram Beyonce posted these pictures.

Spotted with a bob. I think even Jay, her hubby thinks that she should let her long hair.

Perfroming on V Festival England.

Mrs. Carter with long hair.

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