Monday, August 26, 2013

Remix: Arab Idol Mohammed, Ahmed and Farrah

Remix Ah Ya Eini - Mafish Mara

I know its a while since Arab Idol was on tv. I loved it and cant wait till the next season. On the show I learned so many new songs. My love for arabic music is sooooo big. Mohammed Assaf, Ahmed Gamal and Farrah Youssef performed on the last episode a remix of Sherine and Loai. 
Mafish Mara is a song of Sherine. And Loai sang the hitsong Ah Ya Eini. 
The remix is so good. The original song of Sherine is kind of poprock arabic but the Arab Idol crew made it sound classic and pop. Loai's song Ah Ya Eini is not mixed so much cause its already good. Lets see what the three finalists did. By the way it was playbacked. 

You can see that Assaf cant playback perfectly. I dont mind, he still has a great voice.

Original song Mafish Mara - Sherine
A different Sherine! Almost like a rockstar. If you listen good you hear the beat of Destiny's child Lose my breath.

Original song Ah Ya Eini - Loai
Beautiful simple clip. I like the dance moves 

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