Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Badr Hari gets a very warm welcome

Badr Hari, the Moroccan kickboxer gets a very warm welcome during a festival in Oujda. At the last day on International Festival du Rai singer Douzi welcomed Badr on stage. The crowd was very happy to see Badr Hari. His Moroccan fans are very special to him. In Holland where he lives the media is not so nice to him. He's charged for torturing a man at a concert and he is dating a Dutch fashionista and socialite. In Morocco he seems to be very loved. At stage he thanked his fans for their support and gave the King Mohammed 5 a shoutout. 

Badr Facts
- He is from KENITRA!
- He has a daughter
- He is on team La Fouine against rapper Booba
- He shares his vacay pics on Instagram daily
- The King of Morocco is a fan of Badr
- His vacation began in Ibiza > Marakech > Kenitra

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