Thursday, April 25, 2013

Do Blonds have more fun?

Do blonds have mor fun? I cant answer that one because I am a proud brunette. When I see celebs with blond hair its most of the time better than their dark hair. My examples are Demi Lovato, J.Lo, Kim kardashian and Beyonce.

Kim Kardashian

Kim dyed her hair 2 years ago blond. It was suprising but very beautiful. We all know the E! reality star with dark brown hair that stands for her Armenian look. I think that blond hair stands better at her. With her tan its natural and it gives her a new look.

Jennifer Lopez

Jenny from the block stays loyal to caramel honey color hair. If she dyes her hair she always stays close to that color. I think that she should stay for the rest of her life blond. Whatever kind of color she dyes her hair she still is a beautiful woman.

Demi Lovato

Demetria Lovato is doing very good in her career. The different hair colors that she had were not all beautiful. Now that she is growing from a 'Disney' girl to a woman she tries a lot of hair styles. One thing is for sure. Her old 'Disney' dark hair is never coming back!


The Grammy winner can have it all. The dark hair makes her look younger. And the blond hair gives her more class. I dont think that her blond hair is always in a perfect model but when its good fixed by Ty Hunter it is very nice. Beyonce looks like a moviestar with blond hair, red lipstick and diamonds. A very grown woman

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