Thursday, April 18, 2013


(Back, L to R) Hannah Douglass, Kimmie Gipson, Ashley Everett, Tanesha "KSYN" Cason; (Bottom, L to R) Amandy Fernandez, Kim Gingras, Sarah Burns, Hajiba Fahmy (by Erin Baiano)
Superstar Beyonce is touring worldwide with her ''Mrs. Carter Worldtour''
The tour sold out everywhere immediately. Without a new album or song Queen B cashed very good with her new tour. I understand why people want to go to her shows. Beyonce has a beautiful voice, great looks and dances like no one else.. The dance routines are worldwide known. Everybody knows how to dance like  ''Single ladies''. Her walk in ''Crazy in love'' is iconic. Behind Beyonce theres always a few dancers who support her on stage. These girls deserve recognition. 
Dancespirit Magazine interviewed the dancers. Including a photoshoot. Check the amazing dancers out!

Hajiba Fahmy is Morroccan from France.
Hajiba Fahmy (by Erin Baiano)

Ashley Everett she is in every clip of Beyonce's last 2 albums. Beauty and talented girl
Ashley Everett (by Erin Baiano)

Sarah Burns
Sarah Burns (by Erin Baiano)

Kimmie Gipson. She was also in the last 2 album clips 
dancing with Beyonce
Kimmie Gipson (by Erin Baiano)

Tanesha Cason
Tanesha "KSYN" Cason (by Erin Baiano)

Amandy Fernandez
Amandy Fernandez (by Erin Baiano)

Kim Gingras
Kim Gingras (by Erin Baiano)

These girls are touring with a superstar. Dancing in a big show. See a lot of countries. These girls proof that chasing your dreams is going to bring you to your dream! If its written ofcourse..

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