Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Exit for Barca?


Yesterday was a great day for Bayern Munchen. They won 4-0 against Barca. It was a great soccer game because Bayern showed to world that not only FC Barcalona can rule the soccer world. A lot of good reactions came when the game was finished. Lionel Messi the wonderboy of Barca thinks that there is a chance to get to the next round of the Champions League. We will see. Bayern and Barca will see eachother again in Camp Nou Barcalona Spain.

Bayern stuurt FC Barcelona met schaamrood op de wangen huiswaarts

Oh I forgot something... Jordi Aidal, FC Barca player was mad I guess because he saw his team losing. What he did? Throwing the ball in Arjen Robbens face. Robben plays for FC Barca. Very sad if you act like Alba. He should know something: You Cant Win EVERYTHING.

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