Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Worldwide news update

I think that everyone knows about the problems between America, North and South Korea.
Thank God it didn't get in to a real war.. And lets hope it will stay that way. This world could not use any negativity. The world leaders must discuss the problems and get a solution instead of talking about things that does not matter at all.

This morning I heard about 2 shot accidents in US. 
First in New Yersey. A four yeard old boy shot another boy (6). The six year old boy died after the fatal shot. It was an accident thats for sure. The parents of the four year old where at the time of de drama in the garden. Police is investigating if the parents where legally to have a gun at home.
It is a drama for the families. It is not real that a four year old can get in touch with a gun. If someone has one it would important to hide it from childeren. Even if you have a gun you should protect yourself and others from it.
Maybe the president should take stept against these problems?

It was a drama. Instead of meat they found horse meat in food. Not so nice because the trust in the factories decreased. There are investigations to find out how whe get horse meat in our food instead of meat. 

Middle East
The Syrian 'war' is unfortunately not ending quick. How come that this war hasn't been stopped. Its been going on for two years. In two years people lost their home, peace, jobs, children, brothers, sisters and other family members. I think its very sad that the 'big people' do nothing about it. Why can nobody stop that war? Sometimes I am very dissapointed in this world and the people with any status. They just lean back and wait till.. I dont know till what. But I know that they are not looking for a solution

'Iron Lady' passed away. Margaret Thatcher was the first premier of England. That was a very big step in England. 

Out of an investigation its been clear that the Morroccan population is not happy with the traffic. In Morocco there is almost every week an deadly accident. The high ways in Morocco are beautiful and safe but I think that the vecile drivers are not that safe

Lets hope for good news and peace worldwide.

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