Monday, July 1, 2013

Sawra part 2 Egypt ?

Egypt protests massive! 

Million people were on the streets everywhere in Egypt to show their rage against president Mohamed Mursi. Sunday, June 30th it was his 1 year anniversary of being the president of Egypt. Not a lot of people are happy with that. A part wants him to leave as soon as possible and a part want him to stay. The army has given an ultimatum to Mursi: If he not take care of the unrest in Egypt, they will intervene. Conclusion; the army is with the anti Morsi group

There are two groups:

Pro Mohamed Mursi
These people are almost all from the Muslim brotherhood. Just like mr President himself. They say that he is choosen democratic, so he can not leave just like that. This group agrees to Mursi's plan to make Egypt more islamitic. 

Anti Mohamed Mursi
This group is bigger and very angry with Mursi and his followers. It was their idea to protest on the one year of leadingship of Mursi. They want to have a better stronger Egypt. 

My Opinion
I think that Egypt must be in the first place; a country with a stable economy. The leader of Egypt should be capable of feeding millions and make millions happy. The religion part is simple: in Egypt you have Muslims and Christian. You can not make Egypt a full Muslim country and leave Christians behind. Its also their country. Egypt should be a peacefull country. We should not forget about her amazing history. Allah/God wants peace everywhere. It should not become a war of religion or a war between groups. 

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