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My style is not Bohemian. My style is whatever I like to wear when!
Mixing styles is the best thing to do I think. The Bohemian style reminds me
of Morocco, vintage, old and colorful. The website: is the ultimate webshop to get your accessories. The collection is colorful and chic at the same time. I see a lot of items that can make a summer outfit complete. 

These earrings are so beautiful! I love the green/blue colors. You can wear them with a chic dress or if you go to the beach.

Three ways to wear it:
1. Wear it with a summer dress. Price: 9EU
2. Matching blue kaftan. Price: 12EU
3. On the beach with a turquoise bikini. Price: 9EU

Boho Chic oorbellenBoho chic oorbellen              Boho fringe oorbellen                                                                    

Feathers scarf
There was a time when almost everybody around me was wearing the Skull Scarf. The original scarf is from Alexander McQueen. Not everyone could not get the original so they all went to the Primark to get an imitation. I dont like skulls. I think its ugly and not happy at all. If I am wearing something I like to reflect the goodness not sad things like skulls. On the BohemianStyle webshop I saw a scarf that I truly would wear; the feathers scarf! It looks cute, simple and chic. I love the first one the most! Pink with blue, you can wear it with jeans or with a girly girl outfit. Price: 15EU

Three ways to wear it:
1. Match it with your pink pants or denim outfit
2. Make your outfit chic with this classy scarf
3. On a festival to complete the cowboy look

Veren print shawlVeren print shawlVeren print shawl

Tumblr | via Tumblr       

Khmissa necklace
You might know the Khmissa (hand of Fatima) its a symbol that stands for Morocco. Its traditional and beauitful. Price: 27EU

Three ways to wear it:
1. With a traditionail Moroccan dress
2. On the beach with a matching bikini
3. On a little black dress with gold

Ketting met Kmissa en zijden kwastje| Zwart  Ketting met khmissa en zijden kwastje | Zachtgeel         Ketting met khmissa en zijden kwastje | Groen                                                                  


I love bracelets! It makes my outfit complete. I dont wear a lot at the same time because a good bracelet is enough. Check this bracelets out. They are simple and you can match it with a lot of clothes.

Three ways to wear it:
1. Silver and black always match. Little black dress with bright nails. Price: 25EU
2. Get your golden summer dress and match it with this pink bracelet. Price: 15EU
3. Flower power for sure! Wear it with this colorful maxi skirt. Price: 15EU

Bohemian bloem armbandBiba Bohemian armband          Neon roze armbandje met bedels   

Visit the webshop BohemianStyle its worth it! As you can see you can match the Bohemian style with anything. The prices are not high and you can get the most beautiful accessories. Give it as a present to yourself or others

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Beautiful posting as usual especially since I am a big fan of the bohemian style myself..

I have an Arabic book on online shopping and it actually includes how to shop for a few of the items mentioned in your posting.

Could I contact you about my book?

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