Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Goals for Ramadan

My heart goes out to all the Muslims in a (kind of) war right now during Ramadan. Be Patience, Allah will make it better insha Allah. Lets make it a good month and explore our beautiful religion. Set up goals for yourself! I am not the perfect muslim but I am happy to know that I should make a change! Allah is the Almighty and forgives. Ramadan is the ideal time to make a change. We can always challenge ourselfs and be better. Keep the faith in Islam and its never late to become a better Muslim. I made goals for myself;

1. No make up

A lot of girls wear make up. It takes time and I want to spend that time better on other things. Thats why my first goal is: wearing no make up during Ramadan.

- I have no school or work right now so I dont have to look representive haha.
- Its good for your skin. 
- One month with no make up will make my skin better and its healty!
- I dont have to take all my make up off. It always make me so tired to take all the make up off. 

2. No music

Its a bad habbit, I think. I listen to music because I love it. When I am on my way I love to hear music. I listen to arabic songs and more. I know its better to listen to Quran than music. Its hard to do that all the time. I hope that I will make it without listening to music. Even though I listen more to music than Quran I really love Quran. The words are so powerfull. It stands for something. We are so blessed with Quran, everyone has to hear these words. 

3. Pray on time

Because of school it was always hard to pray on time. Now that its summer its a lot easier. During the holy month I will pray on time. Make a effort for praying! It will lead you in this world and after this life. 

4. Go to the mosque

I only know Taraweeh as: long, long, long and thousand raakats. But on the other side its good for Hassanaats. In the mosque we can learn from others and we stand so close to Allah. Like we make time to do fun stuff or hang out with friends, we can make time for our religion and go to the mosque. 

5. Don't complain

Its a holy month. The time to make your faith stronger. Spend this time good. He will lead us and will help us if we cant take it anymore during Ramadan. We are blessed with Ramadan. Dont complain about it. Ramadan is a month of Allah's abundant; your hunger & thirst is a small price to pay for His pleasure. 

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