Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Curls VS. Straight

Curls VS. Straight
I am blessed with curls but I love straight hair. Straight hair is chic, simple and easy to fix. Curly hair must always be good or otherwise you look terrible. Lets see which hairstyle fits the best to this celebs

Myriam Fares is known for her curls. She always has curls. I think that a lot of girls look up to her because she knows how to be beautiful with natural curly hair

Nancy Ajram can have it all!

Kim Kardashian used to straight her hair more 
when she got pregnant.
Before that we saw the reality star 
always with some big curls.

When RiRi has straight hair its long! 
Long hair dont care is the motto. 
Curly hair is better for her since the popstar 
has a forhead that is little bit bigger than usual

Mrs. Carter, Beyonce loves to perform with curly hair.
 It has been years ago since she performed with straight hair.

Dounia Batma, finalist of season 1 Arab Idol

Salma Rachid from Arab Idol is way better with straight hair! 
She looks more classy with straight hair.

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