Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Countdown to an important choice

The whole world is waiting for tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the deadline for Mohamed Morsi, president of Egypt. The army gave him an ultimatum. According to the army Morsi should step up and come with solutions for the people. Morsi responded with saying that he will not change his way of managing the country. So that means that the army will be involved to this problem. President of America, Barack Obama called Morsi and said to him to listen to his people. The White House revealed that yesterday on her website. I am very curious about tomorrow. I really hope that it can be a good change and a peacefull protest. Meanwhile there is a special site called MORSI TIMER. Its a countdown to the time that Morsi still has to change his plans. Ahmed Fahmi, Egyptian singer and actor tweeted the link. I think that he is anti Morsi. And so are all the others who reacts happy on the website. Yesterday Nancy Ajram posted; I am praying for a future of peace for Egypt and all the arab world.. Good night..

It looks like everyone is waiting to see whats going to happen to amazing Egypt.

Check out the Morsi Timer

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