Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Trayvon Martin

A few months ago I watched Dr. Phil. I always watch his shows. They are interesting and I learn a lot of it. Dr. Phil helps a lot of people and give always the advice people just need. The subjects are not always interesting. But when I watched a few months ago a episode about Trayvon Martin I was shocked. I didnt knew anything about Trayvon or what happened. After watching this show I was in total shock. Trayvon Martin (17) was killed by George Zimmerman (26). The reason why Zimmerman did this is divided. Some people think that Zimmerman did this out of defense. But a lot of Afro American people do not think that. They say that Trayvon got shot out of racism. Before we can judge about this case, please watch this episode about Trayvon Martin at Dr. Phil.

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