Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fashion: Farrah Yousef


You might know this girl from Arab Idol season 2. Its Farrah Yousef, a Syrian girl who was almost the winner of Arab Idol. With Ahmed Gamal from Egypt she began the second. Mohammed Assaf from Palestine won the contest. She did not win the competition but she showed the world her amazing voice. Every week she sang her heart out and came so far to be the latest girl on the show. When she came in to the show she had blond hair. I think that she dyed it to be different than Parwas Hussein from Kurdistan, also a candidate of Arab Idol season 2. Brown hair is very beautiful on Farrah. Its classy and is a good match with her skin. Her body is normal, she has curves and is not so long as fellow candidate Salma Rachid. 

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